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Kickstart your copy trading journey at Scalpx with as little as $1000, or its multiples. We provide access to a comprehensive trading history spanning the past one and a half years to gain valuable insights and make well-informed choices to select the traders to follow. Our services offer a reliable monthly profit ranging between 10-15%. Scalpx, as a copy trading service provider, cannot assume liability for market volatility or unforeseen circumstances. We encourage our clients to be vigilant.

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Scalpx is committed to providing its clients with the best possible trading conditions
using innovative technology and unbeatable expertise.

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Our team is dedicated to providing you with the cutting edge support, tools, and highly reliable
information you need to thrive in the trading world.

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Learn copy trading with expert-
guided educational resources.

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We employ the latest Artificial Intelligence to make sure that each client receives the best possible outcome. We have been consistently delivering good results of 10–15% profit. All signals include a complete trading history and data, allowing you to thoroughly research and take the risks you are confident about. Trades are executed (copied) with little to no delay. Subscribing to a trading signal is an easy affair that only requires a few clicks. If you believe your trading is in danger, you can terminate your account at any moment. We charge a minimal fee of 50% of the profit you generate. You may be assured that our interests align with yours.


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We have established a stellar reputation for copy trading, mentoring and enabling traders
to better monetize their skills


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In order to build a strong and healthy relationship with our traders, we have developed a set of clear and simple trading regulations.



We do not limit your trading techniques and provide you full authority over your trading account and approaches.

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Gifting the power of trading accessible to everyone


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Our experienced staff is always ready to give you the necessary information and exact direction.



Trading platforms of our partners provide an extensive range of opportunities to fit every investing preference imaginable.

We are now with
Morfin FX

Morfin FX Trading broker platform offers advanced forex trading tools, real-time market data, and comprehensive analysis. It caters to both novice and experienced traders with a user-friendly interface, secure transactions, and educational resources. The platform ensures efficient execution of trades, helping users maximize their trading potential and achieve financial goals.

We are now with

Exness is one of the world's leading trading brokers with more than 600,000 active clients and 4.43 trillion trading volume. Exness has some of the most powerful trading platforms, offers highly informative trading tools and numerous trading instruments with high liquidity. Scalpx copy trading can be easily accessed through an Exness account.

We are now with
Zara FX

Zara FX is a licenced global trading broker offering a variety of account types, as well as competent trading software and tools, allowing individuals and institutions to trade Forex and derivatives online. Scalpx proudly partners with Zara FX to easily follow professional traders through copy trading, even if you have little market understanding.

We are now with

MultiBank is a global leader in online trading offering excellent trading conditions, advanced education, and the best trading tools in the forex industry.Scalpx copy trading can be easily accessed through an MultiBank account.

Frequently Asked Questions
Scalpx Copy Trading in a Nutshell

You can start with just $1000 or its multiples.

We cater to traders on platforms like ZaraFX, Exness and MultiBank.

You can view trading history from the past two years.

On average, our traders enjoy a 10-15% monthly profit.

We charge 50% from the profit amount.

Yes, you can wind up your trading at any time through your account.

No, the company is not liable for any market risks; you trade at your own risk.

To get started, simply sign up on our partner platforms, choose your preferred traders, and begin your copy trading journey.

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